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Looking For My Inheritance

Uncle Charlie has been turned on to grouse hunting and I can’t get him turned off. Ever since that first trip to Cohutta it seems like he’s been going every week. When I can’t get away he takes Will or anybody else he can talk into going. You’d think that an old man would have better sense but he’s got it bad.

Poor Miss Bertha at the library down home is about ready to scream. He’s had her sending off for ever book ever written on the subject. He’s already raided my bookshelf and “borrowed” my meager collection. Even his romance had turned sour until Widow Smith discovered a resourceful antiquarian bookseller over in Savannah who could get her rare “grouse hunting” books occasionally so she could keep Uncle Charlie’s attention focused in her direction.

His latest instruction arrived for me in the mail just this morning. His letters are getting longer now that he’s discovered grouse hunting. Here, I’ll let you read it.

Dear Fellow Grouser, (see what I mean?)

I’ve found through my reading that grouse guns are pretty much whatever gun is best for you. Now I’ve got several guns as you know that fall into the category of light and easy to point quail guns, but I just don’t have a “classic” grouse gun. I’m not talking about an American double, I’m talking English. Specifically I’m talking Purdey. (at this point I spilled my coffee and almost said something not becoming to my profession)

Now don’t panic. I know they’re expensive but I want one. I want you to put out some feelers and see what you can find in Atlanta or if we have to we can even go to New York to get one.

Here’s what I want: A 12 gauge with 27 inch barrels and a straight stock and two triggers. The right hand barrel should be wide open and the left hand barrel about one quarter choke. If you can’t find one try to get the address of the outfit that makes them and we’ll order one.

I know you’re wondering how I’m going to pay for it but I’d already planned to sell some of the river lots. Keep in mind that you stand to inherit all my guns and if you’ll be extra nice I may even let you shoot it before then.

Your Favorite Uncle

I've already called every gun dealer I know of in Atlanta today and can’t find a Purdey for sale anywhere. But I’m looking. Boy-oh-Boy am I looking!

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